Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Satirical, Musical YouTube Debut

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Books on Faith by The Gadfly

The Stinging Salve, published in 2009, Publish America

Did you ever suffer a terrible scrape to your body as a child? If so, can you recall how badly hurt you felt at first? How, if someone applied an antiseptic to the wound, it might have stung much worse than the hurt itself? The Stinging Salve is an invasive offering of faith to be generously applied to your wounded soul. In this dark and fallen world of ours, there are many poisons that can turn a loving heart to stone and a creative mind to depravity. Through faith in the love, promise, and power of God, author Greg Doyle (The Gadfly) points the reader to the Great Physician and Creator of all there is that matters. Sometimes the process is painful, but if you truly desire to get where God can help, then the Healer must access the wound. The doctor will see you now.

God Is Not an Option, published in 2007, Publish America

God Is Not an Option is a collection of poems, thoughts, songs and short stories centered on the God-shaped vacuum in your soul, custom-built by a loving Creator, long before you were born. Whether you agree or not, no human being can truly live absent a relationship with God. As a Christian father, American, veteran, poet, songwriter and police sergeant, author Greg Doyle brings to life his personal experiences and unshakable faith in God, while sharing intimate insights into the Creator’s heart.

What have you got to lose forever if you don’t know God? You can’t even imagine it. Nothing you know on earth can compare to the wonders of heaven. Why gamble with your eternal future?

From God’s perspective, you are either with Him or you are not. No one knows what that looks like in eternity. Who honestly would decline God’s invitation to join Him in paradise? Could you imagine that what you believe really matters to God?

Realistically, where you and eternity are concerned, God Is Not an Option.

The Sting of the Gadfly, published in 2005, LifeVest Publishing

"The Sting Of The Gadfly" is a collection of poems, thoughts, songs, and short stories, the majority of which are about God's interaction with Mankind, the necessity of faith, and the wellspring of hope that occurs with a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ. The publishing of the book was a gift from his wife, Linda, for their 25th wedding anniversary. The book assembles a number of unique poetic writing styles and the author's personal perspectives as a father, a husband, a police officer, a Christian, and a child of God. There are few satirical bumps in the road to make the drive more enjoyable as well. It is hoped each reader will appreciate the great lengths God has gone to gain his or her attention in eternity.

The Blessing

Note:  A Nonet poem is a progression of nine consecutive lines with one additional syllable added to each line.

The Blessing

did not
come to me
as I supposed.
it fell into my hands,
having passed through someone else,
anonymously at my door,
the blessing God left for me to find.

(copyright 2009, The Gadfly, Gregory Allen Doyle)

Greetings from The Gadfly!

If you are concerned that I might have some sort of hidden agenda, let me put your concerns to rest immediately.


See!? I am not hiding it.

I love God and enjoy sharing my faith and insights about God with whomever it may bless. Unless otherwise indicated, all of my writings are original, so don't get freaked out when you see a copyright with my name on it.

I will be posting something with more substance soon.

Unitl then I remain your humble servant,

The Gadfly